2017-Workshop Poultry Logistics


Workshop on "POULTRY LOGISTICS" was held from 10 to 13 January 2017. The workshop was delivered by a poultry expert from the Netherlands "Bertus Bronkhorst".

The workshop was not only carried out in the classroom, but it was also conducted by visiting the Closed House of University Farm IPB, Integrated RPH Bubulak Bogor, and the processing industries of PT. Sierad Produce, Tbk Jabon Bloom, Parung, Bogor.

Poultry farms should pay attention to the process of cultivation, process and standards of slaughter, and transport time. In poultry farming, one important thing to take care of is the temperature control and ventilation system. Climate control and a good ventilation system will improve poultry productivity and reduce the percentage of mortality. In this workshop, Bronkhorst and the participants visited Closed House University Farm IPB to examine directly the existing ventilation system in the IPB environment. The ventilation system in the trucks also needs to be considered in order to reduce the risk of a decrease in poultry body condition.

The slaughtering process should consider stunning time to plucking time, which is less or equal to 7 minutes. After that, there should be a chilling process with a drop in temperature from 30oC to 4oC. There are things that need to be addressed such as cattle weight, temperature, humidity, air speed and belt speed on the chiller.


poultry products are then distributed to a meat processing plant. The things to consider in the transport and storage of poultry products are keeping the temperature and cold storage, namely with temperatures of less than -18 degrees.

Logistics stages of poultry farming include: preparing cattle that will be harvested and making sure of the absence of food intake, catching cattle with the method of two by two, paying attention to the crate density, paying attention to the transport time (less than 8 hours), conducting temperature control and making use of good ventilation during the trip, paying attention to the waiting time at the slaughterhouse (a special care should be given to the solar radiation and good ventilation system), as well as to unloading and shackling.

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