About us

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The Poultry Expertise Centre focuses the development and diffusion of knowledge and innovations. Our projects address issues in the international poultry industry.

Projects & activities

Centrum voor Innovatief Vakmanschap Agri en Food

Various projects are started from the Poultry Expertise Center. These focus on knowledge enhancement and sharing in poultry farming.


Poultry Innovation Lab

Poultry Innovation Lab is a pilot project of Regio FoodValley. Companies from the sector and the region are working together to create innovations and share knowledge.

Collaborate on poultry knowledge

The Poultry Expertise Centre is a partnership between companies, government bodies and educational institutions, all working in or involved with the poultry industry. Within Poultry Expertise Centre the expertise from education, research and the business community is united and transferred to entrepreneurs and young professionals working in the poultry industry (national and international). Topicality and innovation are key factors in this.

Poulty Expertise Centre is supported by Food Valley region and the province of Gelderland.