The Poultry Expertise Centre focuses the development and diffusion of knowledge and innovations. Our projects address issues in the international poultry industry.

Our partnership helps us to advance our innovation mission and translate results from that innovations to the industry, communities, and policy makers who can best use of that new knowledge. The different activities are carried out as projects. Depending of the subjects the government, companies and knowledge institutions work together.

Cor Duim,
Businessmanager PEC

Anne-Jo Smits,
Project employee PEC

Jan Overeem,
Manager Poultry Innovation Lab and MBO teacher

Jan Vogel,
coordinator Aeres Training Centre International

Wendy Louwen,

Jos Berkvens,
European affairs

Laura Star,
Professor Precision Feeding and Sustainable Poultry Farming.

Specialism: Research, Poultry nutrition, Health, Welfare, Sustainability

Jasper Heerkens,
Researcher & Lecturer

My focus is towards poultry housing, husbandry and welfare, as well as the application of insects in poultry farming.
Internationally, I am active in the transition from battery cages to cage-free housing of laying hens.

Sander Lourens,
poultry research & education

I prefer to be involved in projects in the poultry meat chain that aim to improve the technical and economic performance of the chain.
This often starts with improving the quality of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, which also improves performance and slaughter quality.
Exchange of information in the chain subsequently significantly reduces failure costs.