Poultry Innovation Lab

Poultry Innovation Lab is a pilot project of Regio FoodValley. Companies from the sector and the region are working together to create innovations and share knowledge. The Lab was built on the grounds of Aeres TVET Barneveld and consists of one poultry stable (with two units, one for 1.000 broilers and one for 1.000 laying hens) and a business center (visitor sites and information center).

Poultry Innovation Lab is used for practice training, research and sharing knowledge. The Lab offers an environment in which professionals, companies and (international) students can learn and innovate.

The Poulty Innovation Lab offers knowledge and innovation literally under one roof. Among other things in the field of lighting, climate control, food and housing. Important themes are health and welfare, food safety, food security and sustainable ecosystems.


Laura Star is a lecturer in precision food and sustainable poultry farming.

The research group comprises research into new technologies and new protein sources, with which poultry can be fed more on demand.

Within the lectorate there is collaboration with various parties including Schothorst Feed Research, Aeres Hogeschool and Poultry Expertise Centre. Through these collaborations, the University of Applied Sciences remains involved and informed of the latest developments in the field of raw materials and nutrients and has the opportunity to develop individual top-level sport feed programs for poultry.

Schothorst and Aeres Hogeschool have initiated the research group together. With the lectorate, Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Schothorst are responding to developments in poultry farming, in which the optimum provision of poultry feed with attention to animal health, welfare and the environment forms the core.

Poultry Expertise Centre

The Poultry Expertise Centre (PEC) is committed to healthy poultry farming in the Netherlands and in the world based on a strong and positive ecological and economic profile. Contributing to further sustainability is a challenge for the PEC. PEC profiles itself in the areas of education, research and services, with PEC acting as a switching point for these three core activities. PEC is the driving force behind the three core activities, does not implement it itself, but organizes it with its partners and in its network. The education and research, organized as a core activity under Poultry Academy and Poultry Research, is partly carried out by Aeres Hogeschool Dronten. Within education, new modules and e-learning are being developed in the field of poultry. Within the research, practice-oriented research and fundamental research are linked to accelerate innovation. The use of students within the research stimulates the level of knowledge within the poultry training. The studies conducted by Aeres University of Applied Sciences are set up and conducted by the research group.

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