Grupo AgriMex-Holanda is a consortium of Dutch companies focused on the Mexican market. Strategically the goal of the consortium is develop opportunities to the Mexican market for long-term solutions and create opportunities to share knowledge, technology, equipment and materials, with a special initial focus on the poultry sector. In total, the Dutch government and the companies will invest through their active involvement together about one million euros.

Mexico is a country with a wide variety of opportunities for Dutch animal production companies, and especially for Grupo AgriMexi-Holanda, because of its large internal market and its growing export markets, a high level of production of especially poultry, eggs and pigs. Aeres Training Centre International is coordinator of the consortium.

The companies that are part of Grupo AgriMex-Holanda are dedicated to different animal production sectors from breeding technics, feed, housing, transportation to manure management, water and waste management.

Aeres Training Centre International, Vencomatic Group and Pas Reform are partner of the consortium as well the Poultry Expertise Centre.

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