Result of this project will be a future-oriented package of shorter and longer courses and training, focused on the international trends and necessaries. This includes initial as well post-initial knowledge of the poultry sector, with special attention to the input from international business. In addition there is attention for international certificate holders for profession oriented courses in the poultry. A number of pilots will be developed and implemented, with the (financial) input and cooperation of the international business central. This project start in Dutch governmental focus area. One of these is BTEC-certificated trainings for foreign students and offering examinations and practical assessments.

In addition the Poultry Expertise Centre offers in the framework of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) for short courses. These programmes are available for those people who have obtained a fellowship of the NFP as well as others with alternative financial resources.

Project leading: Aeres Training Centre International (Cor Duim)